Yitz Finch &
Eitz Hadar Woodworks
In 1926, Granddad Finch built the lumber yard for the Bloedorn Lumber Company in Lagrange, Wyoming.  He continued to work there for the next 40 years, supplying the good people around that small plains town with lumber and building supplies.  He passed his love of woodworking and building down to his sons, including Robert, the eldest.

Robert’s son Yitz was born in Simi Valley, California in 1963; by the time he was four years old he was whacking nails into boards, occasionally whacking a thumb in the process.  The Finch Family moved to the suburbs of Denver around 1970 and Yitz’s childhood was spent there building toys and tree houses. 

In 1986, Yitz graduated with honors from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He left Colorado to work as an engineer for GE Lighting in Cleveland, Ohio for four years, which included a 3-month-long stint in Japan.  Then, heeding the call of higher education and building more stuff, Yitz moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he completed a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis on product development and design, at the University of Michigan.  

In 1997, he then moved to Boston for postdoctoral studies at MIT.  There, Yitz bought a large Cape-style house, and dutifully filled the basement with all manner of power and hand tools.  Here, a brief but transformative addiction to The New Yankee Workshop on PBS implanted a desire to make furniture deep in his soul.

A year of introspection and Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel around 2003 and an unexpected call to San Francisco in 2004 led to an apprenticeship of sorts in the shop of John Grew-Sheridan, an accomplished furniture maker and woodworking teacher.  Here, the final nail was driven, so to speak; Yitz was one of the fortunate who had found his life’s passion.

But first, he needed to get married.  So, a cross-country move in 2006 landed Yitz in New York City to begin the search for Mrs. Finch.  There, he followed his passion and opened Eitz Hadar Woodworks in a Brooklyn workshop shared by several artisans.  “Eitz Hadar” is Hebrew for “beautiful wood” which reflects Yitz’s commitment to unique design, superior craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.  

In 2009, Yitz married his wonderful wife Marissa, and they were soon blessed with three beautiful, smiling children. Now, Yitz looks forward to teaching the craft to his kids, if he can overcome Mrs. Finch’s insistence that toddlers and power tools aren’t a good combination.  Maybe she's right about that.

Now, Yitz has a family, is back home in beautiful Colorado, and is doing what he loves – making heirloom-quality furniture for an appreciative clientele.  Occasionally though, he still whacks his thumb.

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