Glass Tile Mosaics

Eitz Hadar Woodworks is excited to be collaborating with Artaic, which is a Boston-based designer and manufacturer of custom tile mosaics.  Using an innovative design process and patent-pending robotic assembly, Artaic delivers beautiful tile mosaics, up to 10,000 square feet and more, in record time and at lower cost.  Learn more about this amazing decorating medium by visiting their web-site:

View Some of the Endless Design Possibilities for Glass Tile Mosaics
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Yitz met Artaic's founder & CEO at a trade show a few years back and immediately recognized the potential of integrating glass tile mosaics into his furniture designs.  Glass tile makes a beautiful, durable, and stain-resistant surface (it's actually rated for residential floors).  Yitz will work with you to design truly unique piece sure to enhance any interior.  From end tables to board room tables, the broad palette of colors and endless design possibilities of glass tile mosaics make exciting, contemporary fusions of ancient materials.

View the Fusion of Glass Tile Mosaics and Custom Wood Furniture
(Click on the slideshow to view larger photos)
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